Gummy Bear with Ice Cream Cone Bar Stools

In this illustration the models were not only used as a pre-visual, they served as the parametric files for the robotically carved prototypes of the Gummy Bear and Ice Cream Cone Bar Stool. The table, floor and wall were modeled and poly painted in Zbrush as well, as such they too can be rotated, animated, carved, printed and exist in actual space. The Gummy Bear's evolution can bee seen here.

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Ice cream cone bare stool in action

Kevin Champeny is seen here demonstrating the Jellio Ice Cream Cone Bar Stool's remarkable, stylishly, durable, ergonomic sittability. For more on these fine men and their sweet vision of the future of home furnishing and accessories, click on this great article about them in the New York Times

Ice cream cone bar stool cross section

In this pre-visualization we're able to see what the prototype will be from the inside out.

Ice cream cone and seat integration

Ice cream cone bar stool: prototype and 3d model

There is a certain luxury for both me as the sculptor and my client, to see almost exactly what the prototype will look like before it's milled in foam. I added a little grain in Photoshop to mimic the approximate surface of the foam. It's hard to tell at first glance, which is which.

Ice cream cone bar stool with magical self levitating seat

Ice cream cone bar stool prototypes

Free Ice Cream Cone Wall Paper Tile File

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Not recomended for people who don't like rasberry.